Cunnilingus has been my favourite sexual activity since I was 18. I well remember my first girlfriend’s responses as I kissed her between her legs and tasted her love juice. Like me she was new to sex and it was fun developing our techniques. Nearly all the girlfriends I’ve had sex with since have enjoyed it.  One, Lorraine, used to take off her underwear, come into my office at work, sit in one of the visitor chairs opposite, pull up her skirt and spread her legs.  This was her way of inviting me to go down on her and naturally I was happy to squat in front of her and oblige.  Licking her pussy turned me on so much that it always gave me an erection and often we would swap places and she would relieve it with fellatio. I wonder if anyone in the mirror-glass building across the road (The Caltex Tower) ever watched.
There have only been 2 girlfriends I had intercourse with but I didn’t perform oral sex on.  Another, Melissa, was initially reluctant to be kissed but I persuaded her and she was pleased I did.
Eve, who I’ve been with nearly 3 years now, loves receiving cunnilingus as much as I love performing it on her which I do often; usually we make love about 4 evenings a week and I do two or three cunnilingus sessions of 10-15 minutes a time. In addition to that, my favourite way to start the day (and hers) is to carress her body under the sheets until her arousal builds to the stage when I lick her pussy. After she has had her orgasm I bring her breakfast in bed - coffee made with vanilla soya milk and toast with honey.

A woman's genitalia - her pussy - is beautiful. Like a flower it invites our attention, our admiration.  Is it not then natural that we should want to make love by exploring it with our lips and tongue? Doing so enables us to explore its secret folds and texture and to experience the smell and taste of the woman's love juices that flow when she is sexually aroused.  But there are still many potential givers and receivers of cunnilingus who are uneasy about it.  This site's object is to help people overcome that reluctance and encourage them to make it a standard part of their sexual repetoire.  Hopefully, too, some whose techniques need developing may pick up skills.

Most presentations of sex on the Internet seemed to be aimed at men's enjoyment and concentrate on women attending to men's pleasure rather than the equal need for men to attend to women's pleasure. Although I refer to cunnilingus performers as "the man" and "he", this is simply a convenient shortening of "the man or woman" and "he or she".